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The law firm of Valauskas Corder LLC serves to protect clients’ intellectual property in the United States and abroad. Clients include businesses of all sizes including established corporations, partnerships, and start-ups, educational institutions, non-profit enterprises, and individuals.

Valauskas Corder represents businesses involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of materials and components used in products including medical-related products, computer and other electronic goods, and packaged products, enterprises that manufacture, distribute, and sell a wide range of consumer goods, companies and individuals that develop, offer, and sell new products and services for the food services industry, universities, and publishers, authors, artists, and others in the entertainment industry.

Valauskas Corder’s practice includes all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and right of publicity law and litigation. In addition, the attorneys of Valauskas Corder regularly provide advice on licensing and related aspects of commercial law, internet-related matters, and issues arising during the course of development and commercialization of new technologies.

Valauskas Corder delivers quality services to clients within their budgets.

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